Wuxi MNET Equipment Tech Co.,Ltd. is specialized in marine equipment such as specialized marine door/hatch, winch, rudder, LARS/Davit, anti-rolling system, etc. Located in Wuxi just 120km from Shanghai, as a manufacturer of more than 20 years experience and 600 staffs, Wuxi MNET provides both standard and highly-customized products in accordance with rules from all major class societies. We have a strong technical, QC and manufaturing team to ensure the quality and delivery time of the product.Our customers cover all the medium and large size shipyards in China and all shipbuilding regions around the world. Together with our sister company Wuxi Hailian Marine Fittings Co., Ltd., who is specialized in door, window, hatch, etc in marine and offshore sector, we are eager to supply a package of products to our customer around the world.

Special Marine Door and Hatch Cover
Deck Machinery
  • Anchor Handling / Towing Winch

    Towing winch consists of two horizontally or vertically mounted drums which wind the ropes to hoist or drag the weight. The drums are controlled using a brake and clutch, and they have good bearings and rope holding loads. To ensure alignment of the steel wire ropes, a groove or spooling device is mounted.

  • Shark Jaw

    The main function of the shark jaw or chain stopper is to clamp steel wire ropes or chains during their replacement and bear the load. The shark jaw is usually used along with towing winch, while chain stopper is used along with windlass. We provide custom-made shark jaws.

  • Windlass

    MNET's windlass (anchor winch) can be customized made according to customer's requirement. We also make combined anchor winch with cable lifter (Gypsy wheel), drum and warping head. We cooperate with all mainstream class societies.

  • Marine Winch

    We provide custom-made marine winches for all marine and offshore purposes up to 250kN drum load, which can be electrical, electro-hydraulic or diesel hydraulic driven.

  • Capstan

    The capstan (mooring or anchoring) can be custom-made according to customer's requirement. Manually, electrically or hydraulically driven capstans are all available options. Pull force up to 25t and chain dia up to 102mm.

Launch and Recovery System (LARS)
    1. LARS is designed especially for fast launches and recoveries in heavy sea conditions. It can be used in rescue vessels, coastguard vessels, offshore platforms and vessels, Ro-Ros and cruisers. Special features include an integrated modular design, anti- swing device, wave compensation system and reliable hook device.

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